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Jill Yarrow

Integrative Mind Specialist

Evoke Resilience About Me

Jill Yarrow (DipHE) (IIHHT)

Independent Associate Trainer for MIND; NLP, TFT & CBT Practitioner;

Behavioural Change Coach; Mindfulness/Meditation Teacher;

Motivational Mapping Licencee; Clinical Hypnotherapist; Holistic Therapist.


I have an extensive background in numerous alternative health practices having managed my own business successfully in this

field for 15 years. During this time, I have designed and delivered Mindfulness/Meditation workshops and courses and

delivered training in alternative therapies.


My approach encompasses the interconnection of emotional/mental and physical health. During my previous career I have facilitated resilience training and support for victims of domestic abuse through the Freedom Program. My qualifications and life experience enable me to be enthusiastic and ardent in the welfare of the human psyche and I am passionate about empowering clients to recognize they have the resources within themselves to make positive changes in their lives,

whether that be on a personal or professional level.


As an Independent Associate Trainer for MIND, I have delivered Resilience Training to Blue Light Personnel (Police; Fire Service; Paramedics; Search & Rescue) on behalf of MIND in Cambs, the Cabinet Office and Oxford University as a pilot study to assess and promote the mental health and well-being of Blue Light Service personnel.  Proud to be a part of this wonderful project!


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Steve Jobs