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Jill Yarrow

Integrative Mind Specialist

Evoke Resilience My Journey

I became interested in self-hypnosis during the birth of my first child but my interest in alternative therapies was further piqued

after injuring my back many, many years ago.  I was incapacitated for so long and I wondered when I was ever going to recover.

My Doctor recommended bed rest and painkillers but time was moving on and I was still in pain.

My daughters’ school teacher advised me to see an Osteopath.  I didn’t even know what an Osteopath was at that point,

(I am going back quite a few years by the way) but I went to see him with an open mind and plenty of scepticism.


He manipulated my back and proceeded to crack my neck, well, that’s what it felt like, but then…hey presto,

I could actually turn my neck and head.  I could move much easier and the relief was instant.  I was hooked!

The Doctor was not best pleased or impressed that I had seen someone outside of the medical field but even he could not

explain how much better I was, how much easier I could move around and I was at last able to dispense with the painkillers!


I was so impressed myself that I needed to find out more.  My first venture into holistic therapies was to learn Reiki.

I was caring for my mother at the time who suffered from vascular dementia and so I practised on her, my family,

my friends and anyone I could find!


From that day, I developed an unquenchable thirst for natural and alternative treatments.

Over time I became a Reiki Master/Teacher and have attuned many people to Reiki.

I trained as a Swedish Body Massage Therapist;  Indian Head Massage Therapist;  Reflexologist;

Accredited Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioner and Thermal Auricular Therapist.


I started my own Holistic Therapy business and developed a client list of over 140 individuals including children of differing ages, women, men and the elderly.  My therapies treated clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Back Problems, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress, Sexual Abuse, Sciatica, Cancer, Bullying and a host of other emotional issues.  My clients came from all walks of life and were as diverse as Royal Shakespeare Actresses, Policemen, Nurses, Dog Breeders, Farmers, Therapists,

Business men and women and even an ex-Ballerina who once danced with Rudolph Nureyev!


In my practice I experimented, I pushed boundaries, I ran meditation groups, I tried new ideas, I did everything I could to fully understand what I practised and took this time to hone my skills.  I went on

to train as a Facilitator for the Freedom Programme for women in domestic abuse, became a Mindfulness/Meditation teacher and went on to further my knowledge by training for my Integrated Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching Mastery Diploma.


I am now an Associate Trainer for MIND and have delivered Resilience Training to Blue Light personnel (Police, Paramedics, Fire Service and Search & Rescue) and have run Mindfulness workshops in the Community.  I have had an article published in Jersey Life Magazine on the subject of Hypnobirthing and I am currently in the process of writing a series of poetry books for children on subjects such as bereavement, teenage pregnancy, divorce and domestic abuse.  I hope to be able to publish these with the intention for them to be used by Therapists to assist children facing various types of challenges.

I feel blessed and grateful to be able to work in a profession that I love and care about!


The amazing insights I discovered on my own journey is that we are all unique.  What is right for one person is not right for another.  I know that often, the problem that somebody came to see me about, was not the real reason why they were sitting in front of me.  I became an exceptional listener.  Often listening to what wasn’t been said.  We are good at hiding or covering what we fear the most.  The trouble is, that fear never goes away.  It is disguised and hidden by denial and a host of behaviours.  Our mind and body is an integrated whole, we are what we think, it is governed by our thoughts and can be our best friend or our worst enemy.  We just need to tell it what to think! To acknowledge our worries and fears with non-judgemental observation is the first step to freedom.


To begin the process of healing, we need first to start with the mind.  Using the many therapies and techniques I offer, I can provide you with the knowledge and insight to help you gain understanding of why we think the way we do.  This will enable more awareness, more ease and freedom of thought, more clarity and more self-compassion which together, leads to a healthier and happier state of mind.  I can facilitate that evolvement to enable you to create the change you want!


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Wayne Dyer