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Jill Yarrow

Integrative Mind Specialist

Evoke Resilience Testimonials

I wouldn’t go anywhere near a snake, I’ve never been this close to a snake in all my life. It’s an amazing experience to touch a snake for the first time in my life…Hells Bells…I don’t believe I have just touched a snake!  It’s an incredible feeling, I never ever thought it. There’s still a fear there somewhere and it’s the most incredible experience. It’s the weirdest, most surreal thing of my life that a fear of snakes, half an hour’s worth of tapping on my head, counting out loud, humming a tune, I was even humming the great escape, there’s a tune for you, ‘cos I don’t know the theme for Snakes on a Plane but I’ve actually managed to touch a Brazilian Rainbow Boa!  Absolutely brilliant. Thank you girls!

Terry Gauci - Star Radio Presenter - Fear of Snakes


I came to see Jill for panic attacks, anxiety and stress caused by bullying at work.  After the initial consultation, Jill treated me with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and its effect was instantaneous.  My negative thoughts disappeared and I felt so much better in myself, I felt much calmer and I stopped worrying over worrying and stopped over-analysing everything.  I now actually feel sadness and compassion towards the people that bullied me and I barely think about that time at all.  Jill then treated me with hypnotherapy and visualisation techniques which helped me to focus on more positive thoughts and the anxiety lessened and the panic attacks are controllable and rare.  I now feel more aware of my sensations as it has helped me to notice when I’m feeling anxious or stressed and I use those skills to help me deal with them on a daily basis.  The great thing is they don’t overwhelm me anymore!

HB – Hair Stylist


Hi Jill.  I just wanted to let you know the following.  When I got home last night I was very tired. I had not slept well for a while, seeing every hour of every night for the past 5-6 days.  When I got into bed it felt like someone had extra-plumped my pillows and the whole bed felt exceptionally lush.  I drifted off to sleep fairly swiftly and stayed asleep for some time. Now it wasn’t the perfect night’s sleep but it was relaxed and restorative.  But the real biggie for me was when I woke up.  Things were very different.  I normally wake up feeling anxious and struggle with this feeling for a good while first thing in the morning.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t feel on top of the world BUT I didn’t feel anxious and I was able to get up with ease and not dread the day.  That hasn’t happened in over 18 months!  So, whatever we did yesterday, well thank you.  I hope I can repeat the experience tonight and tomorrow.  We shall see, I’m off to bed now.  Thank you Angel.  Lots of love.

Sandra -  Ankylosing Spondylitis and severe anxiety


For my whole life I have had a fear of heights. Over the last few years my fear has gotten worse and worse and turned almost into a phobia. My fear affected my life in almost every aspect. I studied at University for 4 years and worked for over a year as an intern in order to achieve my dream of being a zookeeper; however the job involved heights wherever you go and eventually I had to give up on my dream as no one would hire me with my fear. I was unemployed for almost a year and struggled to go to interviews in case there was a height there and in case I had to go via a train station with a bridge.  I stopped going to new places just in case there might be a height there and I stopped travelling through London on the underground, which meant a 1hr bus journey instead of 10 minutes on the tube. My fear made me feel like a failure, I would compare myself to others who had no issues with heights and when at times I would have to ask strangers for assistance, I would feel extremely humiliated. I am eternally grateful for the kindness of strangers however, as no one ever said anything negative to me. For Christmas 2014 my boyfriend bought me a gift voucher for a Rapid Change Breakthrough Treatment. He had seen you do a very short session with someone and was impressed with the results. I went for my treatment and I met Jill and Lisa.  They are two amazing ladies who instantly make you feel entirely at ease. I felt as though I could say anything and there would be no judgement. We spent a few hours at their lovely office going through various treatments. When they were done I felt different mentally, and I felt excited to go visit places I’d avoided for years. Jill and Lisa drove me to Cambridge where there were heights that I had avoided for years. We went up some stairs that had previously terrified me and onto a bridge I'd never crossed alone. I can’t describe how amazing it is to be free of my fear.  After the bridge and the stairs we went to some escalators I had always avoided. The feeling after treatment is very strange. I am no longer afraid at all, which is a wonderful feeling, but my brain is still programmed to avoid heights because of the fear I used to feel. I am working on re-teaching myself that I don’t have to avoid heights anymore. (“We explained the cognitive thinking cycle and used mindfulness techniques to aid Susie’s insight into the critical conscious mind and self-sabotage”).  I am so excited to go back to places I have avoided for years, I've finally booked tickets to go abroad as I don’t have to avoid airports anymore and I'm excited to go on the tube again! This treatment has completely changed my life and saved my life, it’s one of the best things I have ever done.

 Susie - Zoologist - Fear of Heights


I cannot believe that after one session with you both, that I have eventually stopped crying. You have enabled me to disassociate myself of the anger and frustration surrounding my divorce situation.  Because of my heightened state of anxiety I did not believe I would ever be able to relax and was truly amazed that I eventually did through hypnotherapy.  Thank you so much for understanding what I was going through and enabling me to see my situation in a different light.

Carol - Business Owner - Extreme stress and anxiety


I was referred to the Mindfulness Class by my GP as I was on anti-depressants for depression and suicidal thoughts. I have numerous physical problems, one being Ankylosing Spondylitis which means I am in constant pain.  I felt lost, had no direction, couldn’t think straight and couldn’t make sense of my life and wasn’t managing it very well.  The mindfulness course has changed my life in that I’m sleeping better, have much more clarity in my thoughts and the most important thing for me, was feeling like I was coming home to the person I knew I was.  I’m so glad I came on the course as it has made so much difference to me, not just in my life but the way I process my thoughts.  Thank you both so much. Jill and Lisa breathe what they practice which makes it easy to understand and integrate it into my life. This course can change the lives for those who are willing to be open to what the course offers, a positive and healthy life, stress free.

Cheryl - Mindfulness Course – Severe Depression


Jill and Lisa are working with our whole family and we have already seen significant positive change. They are so approachable and easy to be around. They are extremely knowledgeable in their field and always know the right combination of treatment and methods to drastically improve your life. Their stress busting advice and methods to eliminate self-limiting beliefs are essential to everyone. No matter what your background, goals, career, home-life...you need Jill and Lisa if you want a harmonious and successful future.

Katie - Business Owner - Family Counselling


Mindfulness has been helpful. It has motivated me to continue practicing it. It’s a good grounding for dealing with ongoing issues. It was effectively paced for the course members and it was good as I didn’t need to “spill my guts”. The knowledge I have gained is ‘I live for today, this moment, I am important and it makes life feel positive’.

Janine - Mindfulness Course


Jill is kind and open. She has the gift of making you feel at ease and appreciated in a non-judgmental way, it is a special skill.  Her passion for what she believes in makes her the perfect teacher and healer.  Her poetry is insightful and soothing. Thank you Jill for listening and for your encouragement and inspiration.

Matthew - Business Owner




“We cannot build our own future without helping others to build theirs”

Bill Clinton